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About the Cookbook and DVD
The Cookbook
Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD!

The wealth of information in Nourishing Traditions far exceeds the typical, everyday cookbook. I recommend that you approach it like a good novel. Forget about thumbing through its pages and looking for recipes that sound good to you. This is no ordinary cookbook!

It is far better to simply curl up in your favorite chair and just begin reading it from start to finish. Page after page, you will be drawn in with its straightforward facts, rich history, a passion for radiant health-and that of our earth-and comprehensive views on subjects that you will frankly be amazed to find existing in the food kingdom.

New concepts in the book, for most of us, are an introduction to lacto-fermented grains, vegetables, and beverages; a head-twisting re-education about healthy fats and cholesterol; and information about raw dairy products. There is an abundance of empowering nutritional nuggets. Having loved to study and cook for most of my life, it was quite a surprise to read and a joy to add these missing components to my diet, which are probably also missing in most everyone's diet. Since I started using lacto-fermented foods and many other recipes in this book, I have indeed noticed a dramatic improvement to my former lifeless diet. This is truly a must have cookbook!



A $200.00 Seminar for $39.95
Cook Your Way To Wellness A 90 minute DVD & Tell More Booklet

This DVD is 90 minutes of detailed instruction for making: Kefir, Whey, Beet Kvass, Fermented Veggies, Kombucha, Bone Broth, Butter, Soaking Grains, Nuts, Beef Jerky, Resource Section and Miscellaneous chapters on related subjects. These foods are an important part of the Nourishing Traditions food principles but can take up a good amount of your valuable time to learn. Cook Your Way To Wellness DVD makes it easy and fun to get it all at one time and start enjoying the benefits of these power packed foods.

It also comes with a supplemental booklet titled "Tell Me More". I wrote the booklet to supplement the many questions that inevitably come up when starting to make these foods.

In addition to saving you the hundreds of hours most us spend in discussion groups, internet searches, books and long phone calls to other members to learn the basics, you will have a visual that you can go back to and look at any of the chapters individually.


"A great companion to Nourishing Traditions! Perfect for beginners new to Nourishing Traditions principles
- Sally Fallon, coauthor of Nourishing Traditions.

"I really enjoyed Maria's DVD. It's simple, disarming, and concise. It will be a great addition to my work and lifestyle."
- Chef Joe Babiarz

"Loved your DVD! It is refreshing to see these topics covered in such a straightforward manner. You make it easy to understand, simple to do. I also like have a DVD that is make in chapters so I can easily find the topic. Your cheerful presentation makes the whole DVD charming. I especially enjoyed the section on jerky, with tales of your Piute Indian Grandmother. Before I saw your demonstration I did not have the courage to attempt this!"
- Mary Blair McMorran, Denver WAPF Chapter Co-Leader